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These projects are the last in the work of the Association

International scientific journal

"The Unity of Science”
30 of December 2019

International scientific-practical Congress

"MIND TECHNOLOGIES: Eurasian scientific alliance"
30 of December 2019
Scientific events
International scientific-practical Congress

Mind technologies:
genesis of thought

Dead-line: 27, December 2019

Dear Colleagues, attention!

The December project is the last in the work of the Association:
  For this reason, we want to do for you, colleagues and friends, the best that we can.

As a gift, gratitude, and a good work for the scientists,
we have the opportunity to work in a project with compensation of 50% of the total fee.
Restrictions on the count of pages and articles there, just as there are no additional conditions.
We sincerely wish to warmly say goodbye to each of you!

Please share this information with your colleagues!

The main goal of the last Congress of the "Mind Technologies" series will be summarizing about the technologies of the mind.

We will raise the topics
the newest developments that help to expand the boundaries, increase the efficiency of the human brain, education, and most importantly - the transfer of the received developments to the masses!

Partners of the projects:

The Congress is supported by:

- Heidegger Center for Scientific Initiatives (Germany);

- Association for the Study of Natural Sciences (Spain);

- Open Philosophical Society of Existential Psychology (France);

- Association of Scientific Initiatives (Russia)

- Polish Institute of Cognitive Psychology (Poland)

We will discuss the questions:
- Psychological rehabilitation of the individual and society
- Perspectives of scientific integration in conditions of development of IT technologies
- Bioethics and the state policy of rendering medical services
- and keep the place for free topics


We offer one simple thing - to build new and enhance existed communications. In order not postponing the proposed action we are sending to you the template of Начало формыtrilateral agreement on interdepartmental and between universitiesКонец формы level cooperation. The agreement will be approved by EAPPS Association which guarantee the cooperation. 

Starting from the small step - the agreement - we could achieve a lot together. So let's do the first step… (us "We are ready" and the secretariat will send you the details).

We invite everyone to be divided interesting proposals, experiences and ideas! Applications are accepted on As a result of the Congress of the best ideas, experiences and proposals will be published in February issue of the journal "The Unity of Science".

Impart experience, you will be wholly rewarded following the results of the project!

The Congress Streams:
  • Pedagogic sciences
  • Psychology science
  • Medical sciences

Extra sections:
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy

The studies that were accomplished at the edge of science streams beneath also take part in Congress:
  • Natural/physical sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Technical sciences

Special section:
  • Self-education
  • Autotraining for psychologists
  • Stress resistance and education
  • Bioethics
  • Open theme.

  • If you work in the direction lacking in the items list given below, please, contact the forum organizing committee concerning to your acceptance to the event operation.

    As part of the research initiative will be a competition for the best work of the Congress. According to the results of the competition 3 winners will be published for free in the electronic version of the journal "The Unity of Science" 2019

    The main details of_forum:
    1. Event Format: Correspondence.
    2. Working languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Bolgarian, French, Italian.
    3. The proceedings are reviewed by the Commission.
    4. Participants are assigned the personal certificates. Association members are exempt from paying fees.
    5. Congress proceedings will be published in the publication (RSCI).
    6. The publication will be assigned ISBN; has the status of a specialized scientific publication.
    7. Dead-line for submissions is 30 of October 2019. 23.00.
    8. Deadlines for sending of proceedings s: the electronic version will be sent within 12-14 days. Printed - 14-20 days.
    9. The proceedings of the congress are permanently positioned on the site (available for downloading, viewing, and demonstrating of the work). The proceedings form the internal electronic library of organization.

    To participate:

    1. Fill the registration form (pay attention, that co-authors must fill one form).

    2. Send digital texts (DOC, RTF) and scanned copy of the registration fee payment receipt to e-mail: (JPG, PDF). File names must be like: YourName_Materials, YourName_Payment.

    Attention please (!)

    A. Secretary must confirm receiving of your materials.
    B. If you didn’t receive the confirmation please contact the Secretary.

    • Volume of the text – up to 5 pages in Microsoft Word, vertical page orientation, all margins - 20 mm, font - Times New Roman, 14 pt, line spacing - 1,5.
    • First line – Section name (bolt font, right alignment)
    • Second line – name of report (capital letters, bolt font, center alignment).
    • Third line – author’s name (bolt font, right alignment).
    • Fourth line – Field of study (science works), position, academic degree.
    • Text of the report with intend 1,25 cm.
    • References are in square brackets - [2, 56], where the first number is a position in a literature list and the second number is page number.
    • Literature list must be put in the end and correctly written.


    Organizing fee Organizing fee

    Publication fee

    (until 7 pages)
    For participants from the EU 1 USD 10 USD
    No restrictions on the number and size of materials.
    The cost of publishing one page of research papers after the 7th page is 1 USD.

    It provided 50% of the fee compensation
    Download the info-sheet

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