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International scientific journal
"The Unity of Science”
30 of October 2019

International scientific-practical Congress

"MIND TECHNOLOGIES: Eurasian scientific alliance"
30 of October 2019
in Brussels, Belgium
International scientific Congress of psychologists and teachers "The generation of a new stage"

Dear colleagues!

We want to sum ​​up last Congress "The generation of a new stage", which was held on March 5 in the beautiful city Prague.
We would like to thank everyone who supported us in conducting this Congress, especially our colleagues in Prague providing classrooms for meetings (names on request, we will not mention). Separately want to thank our media partners the company "SityCites".

We received a lot of new research. Not all materials included in the publication by the end of the Congress, but all materials were presented for discussion. New scientific thought gave the desired pushes in the development of new research. The Commission expresses sincere thanks to everyone for your initiative, in such a detailed and informative study!

draw your attention to the possibility of exchanging of contact between the members of our organization and the participants of the scientific events. If you are interested in someone else's research and you want to contact the author, write to us of your desire (with the name of research and website materials). We will help you contact in the shortest time.

"Your future will be what you will make from it. Decide now how you want to see it"
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