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These projects are the last in the work of the Association

International scientific journal

"The Unity of Science”
30 of December 2019

International scientific-practical Congress

"MIND TECHNOLOGIES: Eurasian scientific alliance"
30 of December 2019
News organizations
Replenishment in the ranks of members of the Association! Our congratulations! More details at

Dear colleagues! 

Please accept our sincere congratulations on Christmas! 
We are sincerely grateful to you for what you were this whole year with us, and hope that the new year will bring us even more success in the work on joint research projects. 
Our best wishes. 

EAPPM Team "Sciense"
On July 29, 2016 Geneva (Switzerland) starting the international scientific and practical congress of "Innovation development" (based on the Level up! project).
Congress which deserves your attention! Details...
Dear colleagues!
We are pleased to announce that now you can look through and learn materials of the congresses, carried out by Association "Science" and find all issues of scientific magazine “The Unity of Science” in the RISC bibliographic database Details...
March 10, 2015 Geneva (Switzerland) International scientific and practical congress ”New Trends of Global scientific ideas. 2016” Read more...
INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PERIODICAL JOURNAL “The Unity of Science” Journal proceedings are to be accepted before 10 of February 2016. Read more...
15 October 2015 Geneva (Switzerland) international scientific and practical forum ”October scientific forum '15” Read more...
INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PERIODICAL JOURNAL “The Unity of Science” Journal proceedings are to be accepted before November 10, 2015. Read more...
The Scientific Charitable Web-Congress was conducted successfully!
Dear Friends!

First of all, the activity of our organization related to the science. But we are not aside of social programs and other useful initiatives. Therefore we made the decision to unite these spheres and carried out the Scientific Charitable Web-Congress.
The concept of event was to consider a certain range of questions connected with our main activity. Also we summed up the results of Association work and discussed plans for future. But the main goal of the Congress was to support those who need it and raise funds.

The Congress was held in August, 2015. It was run in a remote format. More than 50 representatives of different countries took part in the Congress. There were participants from various countries – from Kazakhstan to England. There were also observers from the USA. Event was successful and we collected $853. All means were donated to Children's UN fund "UNICEF" in Kazakhstan.

But the main thing is that the Congress became a kind of force has shown us the direction to act. This is charity. The Congress drew attention of scientists and people who are interested in science as well as those who are involved in charity and other social programs.
We consider that is great. After all it is not a secret, that, unfortunately, our country loses Europe in science as well as in relation to it. The upset truth is that people have a strong desire to help but are afraid of those who need it. The level of trust to the charity organizations is the lowest and has a historical background.
First of all, it is explained by our mentality. Still there has been a strong difference between us and Europeans for whom the charity is just a one standard column of the month budget and the organization of process and trust to funds are at high level.

We hope sincerely that the Congress will help most of us to reconsider the relation to this question. Besides, we are sure that event of such format is not the last. EAPP «Science» plans to work actively in this direction. After all, we want to attract as many people who care as possible. We are going to put together our professional activity and support to those who need us!
P.S. You will find results of the Web-Congress attached to the letter. We do appreciate the contribution of all participants!
Dear Colleagues!
June 5, 2015 Geneva (Switzerland) International scientific-practical conference of pedagogues, psychologists and medics "Driven to Discover"
Dear Colleagues!
May 31 starts the work of the scientific journal "The Unity Of Science"
Dear Colleagues!
We are pleased to inform you that registration for participation in the project is open now. Journal proceedings are to be accepted before March 27, 2015. More details about project and journal are here
Dear Colleagues!
The registration is open for the Scientific Congress devoted to the need of international scientific integration. The congress will involve the representatives of the largest universities in Europe and the CIS countries.
The motto of the congress is "The time has come to unite our efforts!"
All your suggestions will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal "The unity of science".

Dear colleagues!
We would like to present you the fruits of our work… "Unity of science" INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PERIODICAL JOURNAL
Journal proceedings are to be accepted before September 26, 2014
Details click here
We invite you to participate in the project and look forward to its practical and theoretical value for each of the participants!
August 8, 2014 wiil be held the Congress pedagogues and psychologists "Scientific genesis"! Registration for the Congress has already opened!

All the details are here (click)...
The registration for participation in the International Congress "Science of future", Prague (Czech Republic) is opened!
Dear Colleagues! The registration for participation in the International scientific and practical congress of teachers and psychologists, which will be held May 8, 2014- is opened!
We invite everyone who is engaged in scientific research and its practical application to participate in the "Science of future".
Presumably, the registration will close earlier because of the large amount of preliminary applications! More...
Registration for participation in the "IX European Scientific Assembly"
Esteemed colleagues! We are pleased to inform you that we have started accepting applications for participation in the International Scientific-Practical Conference, to be held on March 5, 2014. We are glad to invite to participate in the "IX European Scientific Assembly" students, undergraduates, graduate students, young scientists, candidates, doctoral students, doctors, candidates and all those who are involved in research and practical application. Read more...
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