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"The Unity of Science”
16 of January 2019

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"MIND TECHNOLOGIES: Eurasian scientific alliance"
16 of January 2019
in Warsaw, Poland

Шебанова англ

 Shebanova V.I. "Phenomenology of eating behavior in the continuum" norm-pathology "

Shebanova V.I. "Phenomenology of eating behavior in the continuum" norm-pathology "

The monograph highlights a number of important theoretical and practical approaches to the study of eating behavior as psychosomatic syndrome, which encompasses «norm-pathology» continuum. The author’s concepts, namely, the theoretical and methodological synergetic model of the development of problem eating behavior, the theoretical and methodological concept of purposeful formation of health keeping competence as to eating behavior are presented in the work.

The author's model of a psychocorrectional program for normalization of eating behavior, and psychodiagnostic and psychocorrectional possibilities of modern psychotechnologies concerning problem eating behavior presented in the book are of special interest to practicing psychologists.

The book is of interest to specialists in psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, sociology, fitness center trainers, university students, practitioners of educational institutions, as well as to those who are striving for self-knowledge, self-development, self-improvement, to those who are interested in phenomenology of eating behavior in «norm-pathology» continuum.

The value of presented monograph is highlighted by the presence in its conclusions the reasons and motives to new scientific researches and debates. We hope that the topic specified, like many other topics emerging logically from the problems outlined in the book, will find its further development in future scientific investigations in the field of psychology.


I will be glad to answer your questions and hear the impression. Send questions and suggestions to:



Волков В.П.   «Функциональная морфология нейролептической полиэндокринопатии». АНГЛ
Volkov V.P. "Functional morphology of an antipsychotic polyendocrinopathy"

Volkov V.P. "Functional morphology of an antipsychotic polyendocrinopathy"

The monograph of candidates of medical science Volkov V.P. "Functional morphology of an antipsychotic polyendocrinopathy" was published (Tver: TRIADA Publ., 2014).
In the book questions of functional morphology and physiology of endocrine system both in aspect of ontogenesis, and at antipsychotic therapy are considered. Research is conducted by means of a morphometric method with use of the original algorithm developed by the author. The concept of the antipsychotic polyendocrinopathy caused by side effect of antipsychotic preparations on endocrine glands is offered. The edition is richly illustrated by numerous tables and drawings. The list of references contains more than 950 sources.
The book is intended for scientists and practical doctors working in the field of endocrinology, the general therapy, psychiatry, neurology, and also those experts who in the practice use treatment by antipsychotic preparations.
The price of the monograph is 350 rub. It is possible to order on the site of TRIADA Publ., -
Волков В.П. «Ятрогенные психонейросоматические синдромы»  Анл
Volkov V.P. "Yatrogenny psychoneurosomatic syndromes"

Volkov V.P. "Yatrogenny psychoneurosomatic syndromes"

The monograph of candidates of medical science Volkov V.P. "Yatrogenny psychoneurosomatic syndromes" was published (Tver: TRIADA Publ., 2014).
The monograph is devoted to a problem vital dangerous of the yatrogenny psychoneurosomatic syndromes, somehow: neuroleptic malignant syndrome, febrile catatonia, serotonin syndrome, anticholinergic syndrome, malignant hyperthermia. In the first part theoretical questions of epidemiology, an etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnostics and treatment of the specified pathology are in detail considered. The special attention is paid to the differential diagnosis. Results of own researches of the author on studying of features of a clinical current of a neuroleptic malignant syndrome, methods of carrying out differential diagnostics with a febrile catatonia, including, on the basis of original mathematical model are given in the second part. The stated material is widely illustrated by numerous examples from clinical practice. In the certain head the data on myocardium morphology at a neuroleptic malignant syndrome received by means of morphometric methods of research are submitted. The list of the used literature covers more than 1100 sources. The monograph is intended, first of all, for psychiatrists, neurologists, therapists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, toxicologists. It can be also useful to a wide range of the doctors who are engaged in medicinal therapy.
The positive review of the book is published in the Psychiatry and Psychopharmacotherapy Journal of P. B. Gannushkin for 2014, No. 4.
The price of the monograph is 350 rub. It is possible to order on the site of TRIADA Publ., -
V.A. Smirnov
N.F. Efremova
Smirnov V.A. “Information pedagogy”

Description of monograph “Information pedagogy”

This monograph is devoted to the presentation main aspect of the original philosophical and methodological concept of education for the knowledge-based society — information pedagogy.
When a person is engaged in cognitive and subject-practical activity, he is experiencing informational influences from its environment. The author of the book believes that these information influences can be represented in the form of three groups of external information flows.
The consequence of these purposeful information influences on the learner are the three interdependent and complementary components of education: a teaching, a socialization and a culturation.
Each of them performs its traditional mission and is a separate process for which there are explanatory of his theory. In the context of the synergetics of education the author shows that these components of education can play a new role. The most important of them: to teach "anticipation" and "participation"; to form ability to work together in new, possibly unprecedented situations in terms of the openness of society to the future; to instill the desire for the revaluation of values, to preservation of those which have enduring significance, and eliminate those that are obsolete.
In the monograph as an example of the practical application of information pedagogy is proposed the author's methods of learning physics in the first year of her study at school, which was approbated.
The monograph can be useful for philosophers of education, for teaching staff of higher and secondary educational institutions and for students of higher pedagogical educational institutions. This monograph may be useful for professionals interested in a comprehensive theory of education (educology), which covers not only pedagogical subjects but also the scientific knowledge in other fields of science related to the educational and scientific activities.
N.S. Shadrin
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