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These projects are the last in the work of the Association

International scientific journal

"The Unity of Science”
30 of December 2019

International scientific-practical Congress

"MIND TECHNOLOGIES: Eurasian scientific alliance"
30 of December 2019

Here you can find most frequently asked questions from scientific events participants.
  1. What languages are accepted for theses in conference?
    Theses can be written in Russian, Ukrainian, English or German. Theses in other languages have to be agreed with the conference administration.
  2. What language is accepted for the application form writing?
    The application form can be written in Russian, Ukrainian or English.
  3. Where can I find the application form for signing in the conference?
    You can find the registration form here.
  4. Can students take part in the conference?
    Of course, students can apply for our events on the uniform basis.
  5. Is the academic adviser notice necessary for theses?
  6. Is co-writing allowed?
    Yes, the writing can be donу by one or several authors.
  7. Is it necessary to indicate the name of the academic adviser?
    It is optional. If you decide to provide the adviser’s name then you have to write his academic degree and position.
  8. How soon the writing will be published?
    We publish theses both in print and on our web site. Digital digest will be sent to e-mails signed in application forms in 10 days after the conference. After 15..20 days the printed copy will be sent to all delegates.
  9. How can I pay the participation fee in Ukraine?
    You can pay in two ways:
    - by Privat24
    - by wire transfer from any bank.
  10. How can I pay the participation fee in other contries?
    From outside Ukraine you can send payment only by WesternUnion, Unistream or Contact.
  11. Is it necessary to send a scanned copy of transfer ticket?
    Proving of payment is required to participate the conference.
  12. Do I have to provide the source reference list?
    Usually the reference list is a part of a scientific writing. Such writing has to include main results of study. Author refers to other literature in the same field to prove the basis of his ideas.
  13. What number of theses from one author can be publish in one digest?
    We don’t limit the number of writings.

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