European Association of pedagogues, psychologists and medics
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These projects are the last in the work of the Association

International scientific journal

"The Unity of Science”
30 of December 2019

International scientific-practical Congress

"MIND TECHNOLOGIES: Eurasian scientific alliance"
30 of December 2019
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"Science”, European Association of pedagogues, psychologists and medics

"Science”, European Association of pedagogues and psychologists was founded in 2012. We unite indifferent and enterprising people, all those involved in science and its practical application. The Association focuses on theoretical and practical issues of pedagogy and psychology, on a detailed study of the problems from the scientific point of view, on finding solutions and implementing them, skill sharing among our colleagues. The Association is committed to develop scientific ideas through the dispensation of communication links between professionals, researchers, public organizations, universities, government agencies.

Since September 2016 the Association launched a scientific research in the field of medicine. Official Association name was changed to "European Association of teachers, psychologists and doctors."

The Association’s key tasks are:
  • research in psychology and pedagogy on a regular basis;
  • linkages and cooperation with educational institutions , analytic centers and research institutes;
  • Raising the level of scientific awareness among students;
  • Increased training level of future specialists;
  • arrangement of conferences, public seminars , round tables;
  • creation of scientific periodicals for publication of scientific and practical materials , the results of the research, etc.;
  • Exchange of experiences, work and research results ;
  • Establishing new relationships , connections between our colleagues ;
  • creating an open forum for debate.

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Replenishment in the ranks of members of the Association! Our congratulations! More details at
Dear colleagues! 

Please accept our sincere congratulations on Christmas! 
We are sincerely grateful to you for what you were this whole year with us, and hope that the new year will bring us even more success in the work on joint research projects. 
Our best wishes. 

EAPPM Team "Sciense"
On July 29, 2016 Geneva (Switzerland) starting the international scientific and practical congress of "Innovation development" (based on the Level up! project). Congress which deserves your attention! Details...
Dear colleagues!
We are pleased to announce that now you can look through and learn materials of the congresses, carried out by Association "Science" and find all issues of scientific magazine “The Unity of Science” in the RISC bibliographic database Details...
March 10, 2015 Geneva (Switzerland) International scientific and practical congress ”New Trends of Global scientific ideas. 2016” Read more...
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